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Who We Are

Tucked against the Rockies and grown from community love and support, the roots of this beautiful company have had the best start. As a seedling, Chisholm started in my kitchen, with me growing because I couldn’t work due to the pandemic. I sold dahlias to save my family, and they did. 

 In November of 2022, I once again turned to my love of Gardening and I started offering my fresh-cut wreaths hoping to grow. The community did the rest, offering my young business all the nutrients a young company could need to continue to flourish.

A Family Business

During the pandemic, we were stuck together unable to leave so we found a way to make money from our home.  We set up our stand and worked together growing and selling flowers. My kids don’t know yet but we grew so much more than flowers that year. I hope the lessons that I taught them that year will push them to work hard for whatever it is they want and know that I love them always no matter what!

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